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Chapter 76, Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), generally meets on the Thursday after the second Tuesday of each month. The date rarely varies from this formula. This keeps the meeting towards the middle of every month.

You do not need to be a member of the SBE to attend these meetings, nor do you have to be a member of the local broadcast community. As long as the topic of the meeting is of interest to you, you're invited. If you see that a given month is “Reserved” for an exhibitor, it means simply that. Additional details of meetings are posted here as soon as they're available.

When: (All times Pacific)

Thursday, May 11th, 2023.

Begin arriving at 11:30am The presentation begins around Noon.
(meetings are on the Thursday after the 2nd Tuesday of the month).


The Sizzler Restaurant in Springfield - 1010 Postal Way, Springfield, OR 97401.


Real Radio Hosts Working Virtually
How Real Humans Work with Containerized Broadcast Systems

Radio broadcasters have been anticipating their eventual deployment of virtualized broadcast software as part or most of their studio and backend infrastructure. A few radio stations and radio networks have already moved to a largely virtualized infrastructure while others are in the process now. The virtues of virtualization have been the topic of several dozen professional presentations ranging from manufacturers' revelations to scholarly presentations.

With some systems on-air now, it's time to ask, "What is working differently or the same - for broadcast engineers and for on-air talent?"

This SBE Chapter presentation asks that question and presents answers from broadcast engineers, broadcast IT professionals, and on-air talent.


Picture of Kirk Harnack
Kirk Harnak, Senior Solutions Consultant - The Telos Alliance
Kirk Anders Harnack, CBNE, CBRE, brings 40 years of hands-on experience in broadcast engineering and education to his position as Senior Solutions Consultant at Telos Alliance. His expertise in putting technology to work in broadcast facilities has driven notable expansion in Audio over IP, VoIP for broadcast, audio processing, and virtualized technology adoption by content creators.

Kirk maintains an active, hands-on role in broadcast engineering through his positions as a partner and VP-Engineering of South Seas Broadcasting, Inc., Delta Radio, LLC, and Kaua'i Broadcast Partners, totaling 14 AM and FM radio stations. He is Program Chair of SBE Chapter 103 in Nashville.

Kirk founded and hosts the Internet video netcast, “This Week in Radio Tech” or “TWiRT”. This 1-hour weekly video netcast, features regular contributors and guests from the world of radio engineering.

Public Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (216) 920-1826

In the months to come, here are the presenters currently lined up...
Perry Priestley of the Elenos Group
Brian Walker of BSW
Tedd Tramaloni of Ross Video